Jan. 29

0750 school detail.

0920 paperwork done and sent.

1500 school walk through.

1530 lookout for an orange Pontiac out of Bluffton reference a possible suicidal subject. Unable to locate. Bluffton found him.

1600 trying to determine what to do about a bunch of stray cats that our being fed on West Pleasant Street. They are getting in people’s engine compartments and doing damage. Also defecating all over.

Jan. 30

0302 verbal warning for headlight out.

0348 verbal warning for speed.

0424 verbal warning for headlight out.

0745 school detail.

1600 tagged white pontiac tagged on West Pleasant Street.

1610 Jessica Sanders warned of criminal trespass at Citgo.

1620 out on Turtle Run reference a dog running at large. Located the owner. She forgot to shut the gate.

1900 property damage crash in the library parking lot.

2122 crash report done and sent.

Jan. 31

0038 verbal warning for driving left of center.

0054 checked a disabled vehicle at the corner of County Road 605 East and U.S. 33. It’s off the road.

0118 checked a maroon vehicle at the Family Dollar. Had a flat tire.

0211 verbal warning for no tail lights.

0224 verbal warning for speed.

0353 verbal warning for speed.

0745 school detail.

1430 female reported that a suspicious note was left in her mailbox.

1750 assist county with a property damage crash in the area of U.S. 33 and County Road 650 East.

1820 assisted county on Timberlane reference a subject trepassing at a house that was raided.

2123 citation for disregarding an automatic signal.

Feb. 1

0750 school detail.

0853 check a suspicious person in an F-250 at Citgo. She works third and was tired.

1100 call State Farm Insurance reference a crash report.

1345 out on Railroad Street in reference to a medical problem.

1718 property damage crash on West Pleasant Street. Car vs. fire hydrant.

1900 assist county at U.S. 33 and C.R. 650 East. There’s a car there with damage to the front end and roof. No one around. 92-15 towed it.

2251 theft of lottery ticket at Lassus. Suspect is on video. Investigation ongoing.

Feb. 2

0745 school detail.

0830 picked up a video at Lassus.

1130 funeral detail.

1500 school detail.

1646 crash report completed and sent.

2045 unwanted party on Harrold Road. Subject gone prior to arrival.

2130 assist state police on County Road 500 East in Noble County, reference locating the unwanted party.

Feb. 3

0900 subject trespassing at a Timberlane residence.

1200 funeral detail.

2330 verbal warning for speed, Dana Drive and U.S. 33.

2350 prowler at a residence on Clearview Drive. Was an intoxicated subject. Warned of criminal trespass.

Feb. 4

0300 assist county on a pursuit in area of State Road 205 and County Road 200 North. He got away by driving through a field. They possibly know who the suspect is.

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