By Tina Biddle

Happy birthday today to Shawn Kelly and Dennis E. Miller; and tomorrow to Joni Hall, Luke Leazier and Tom Trowbridge; Ken Tulley, Stephanie Miller, Alissa Schoon, Bill Andreas and Rachel Brice on the 10th; John Mickle and Sheryl Dawson on the 11th; Norma Crabill, Frank Kessler, Rose Harris and Adam Leazier on the 12th; Harold Troyer, Caden Bonar, Carol McNall and Robert Miller on the 123th; Larry Ellet and Katie Wagner on the 14th.

Happy anniversary to Frank and Jera Kessler, and Kay and Randy Hooten on the 10th; Lance and Rachel Kirchner on the 12th; and David and Beverly Bishir on the 14th.

Other reasons to celebrate this week include Parents As Teachers Day today, Scapple Day is tomorrow, Vanilla Cupcake Day is the 10th, Veteran’s Day is the 11th, Chix Soup For The Soul Day is the 12th, Kindness Day is the 13th and Diabetes Awareness Day is the 14th.

On this date in sports history: President Johnson signs the Antitrust exemption, allowing for the National Football League to merge with the American Football League. A move that allowed for the beginning of the NFL we know today.

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