March 6

0606 Missing elderly male from Allen County was found at McDonald’s. Wife and Allen County coming to get him.

0750 School detail.

0944 Paperwork complete and sent.

1030 Officer brought in a video of a stop arm violation. Will deliver ticket to the driver.

1115 Subject brought in a debit card they found while walking.

1150 Direct traffic for wrecker on U.S. 33 in front of Dollar General.

1500 School detail.

1610 Personal injury crash S.R. 205 and C.R. 450E.

1714 Delivered message to 110 Home Ave. for CCPD.

1847 Lockout on Noble County C.R. 500S.

March 7

0750 School detail.

1000 Call an attorney about a court ordered breath test.

1100 A female came in with a stolen plate form that the BMV gave her and said to drop it off at any police department. I tried to explain that it should go to Allen County because that is where the theft occurred. She left it here.

1150 Handgun permit.

1500 School detail.

1505 Lockout at Lassus.

1517 Lockout at Methodist Church.

1832 Unrestrained child in a vehicle. Sheriff’s deputy made the stop.

1839 Very young pitbull running loose in Threshers. Unable to locate.

1910 Deputy at station to pick up evidence per judge’s order.

March 8

0750 School detail.

0900 Traffic patrol at Pleasant and Washington streets.

1105 Alarm at the blue pole barn on Harrold Road. Was the wind.

1410 Lockout at McDonald’s.

1500 Traffic patrol at Pleasant and Washington streets.

1710 Wires down on Line Street. It was a phone line, notified Frontier.

1830 Citation for expired plates at the Catholic church lot.

1900 Pole behind Wilma’s is leaning. Base is cracked, I&M will check it.

March 9

0750 School detail.

0900 Complaints about people running stop sign at Pleasant and Washington streets.

1030 VIN check.

1145 Traffic patrol Pleasant and Washington streets.

1500 Subject at station needs a copy of report of the tire slashing for her insurance.

1520 Possible breaking and entering in progress 426 N. Mulberry St. People were working on the house.

1841 Hit/skip crash victim waiting at NAPA. A silver car left the area. No suspect or witness info.

2327 Assist Allen County at 12630 N. U.S. 33 reference a suspicious vehicle.

March 10

0005 Lassus detail.

0251 Working on reports.

0300 Paperwork to jail.

0745 School detail.

1500 School detail.

1600 Watching for stop arm violations and stop sign violations at various points around town.

1800 Residential alarm on C.R. 900E. False trip.

2136 Subject in for a breathalyzer. Registered at .000.

March 11

0005 Lassus detail.

0010 S&V detail.

1030 Subject at station to pay for gun permit. Told him to come back during business hours.

1245 Domestic dispute on Short Street.

1315 Called subject who wanted to know if he can have chickens in town.

1347 Traffic stop, Main and Mill, citation for speed.

1401 Traffic stop, Main and Mill, citation for speed.

1429 Traffic stop, Main and Pleasant, citation for speed.

1443 Traffic stop, Main and Mill, citation for speed.

1604 Traffic stop, Main and Mill, citation for speed.

1620 Traffic stop, Main and Mill, citation for speed.

1653 Traffic stop, Main and Mill, citation for speed.

1822 Traffic stop, McDonald’s, citation for speed.

1838 Traffic stop, STAR Bank, citation for speed.

1900 Traffic stop, Lassus parking lot citation for speed.

March 12

1030 Traffic patrol, Main and Whitley streets.

1155 Traffic patrol, Main Street and Clingerman Avenue.

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