By Tina Biddle

Happy Birthday today to Tara Plummer, Hilda Shively and Ann Fritz; and tomorrow to Mary Lou McDowell and Vonetta Trowbridge; Joe Shively and Emily Munk on the 27th; Jennie Sue Trier on the 28th; Greg Childs, Becky Mathieu and Steve Hackett on the 29th; Kayla Pippenger, Karl Sieberns, Miley McCard and Ben Wagner on the 30th; and to Lori (Herron) Crigger, Bob Hursey and Clifford Perlich on the 31st.

Other reasons to celebrate this week include Opposite Day today; and tomorrow is National Spouses Day; Chocolate Cake Day is the 27th; Have-Fun-At-Work Day is the 28th; Puzzle Day is the 29th; Croissant Day is the 30th; Backwards Day is the 31st.

Life, it seems, is full of new beginnings. Even as children — we learn that. Once we start school, we begin like everyone else — smaller and at the beginning. As we grow, we enter middle school and then high school, each time starting a new experience with new challenges. Our friends keep us grounded and our families give us support and strength. We learn lots of lessons along the way, they also teach us and guide with each new challenge — helping us to cope with each change in life. A wise man said, “once you stop learning and growing, you die!” Not sure if that’s entirely true, but it must be pretty close. We are, after all, in this together. We can make it a good experience, or not — its up to us. Lately, it seems a lot of people think we are doomed. I’m sure there are people out there, who felt this way 4, 8, 12 or even 20 years ago. The GREAT country we are keeps on keeping on. After each new beginning, we learn and grow with each new challenge — oh and in case anyone is unsure — WE will again. So lets get excited and work together, so we can keep on bein’ GREAT.

Tina Biddle lives near Churubusco and works in nearby Fort Wayne. Send birthday and anniversary updates to her directly at or to

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