By Tina Biddle

Happy Birthday today to Bob LaFever and Rose Greve; and tomorrow to Andy Ott and Holly Gibson; Pat Gerke on the 20th; Chris McCoy and Eric Hollopeter on the 21st; twins Eva Gilbert and Neva Gaff on the 23rd; Amanda Zolman and Annie Skinner on the 24th.

Other reasons to celebrate this week include Winnie The Pooh Day today; and tomorrow is Popcorn Day; Cheese Lovers Day is the 20th; Hugging Day is the 21st; Blonde Brownie Day is the 22nd; Handwriting Day is the 23rd; and Peanut Butter Day is the 24th.

In Alabama, it is illegal to drive blindfolded. In California, plastic bags are banned. In Connecticut, all pickles must bounce. In Iowa it is illegal to throw a brick onto a highway. While these might seem odd to us now, I’m sure at some point, someone felt they were needed — and needed in writing. Common sense allows us to look at them and wonder just what happened to make someone feel the need to write them down. But I guess time will tell just what future people think of some of the laws we pass. As the new administration prepares to take office, I wonder what the future holds, and what the kids of today will think of some of the laws we pass. I’m hoping they get a good chuckle, at least, and don’t jump to judgment. After all, we just feel the need to write them down!

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