Jan. 2

0910 paperwork completed and sent.

0920 handgun permit.

1830 report of flames visible in area of C.R. 375N and 850E.

1900 welfare check at residence on C.R. 375N. Sounds like a domestic. Unfounded call.

2030 report of a possible child abuse call. Had her report it to the hotline. I then contacted detective Bill Brice and he is handling it.

2145 assist Noble County in reference to a 1-year-old not breathing. Medics were there before me.

2300 Spillman training.

Jan. 3

2400 Lassus detail.

0100 paperwork taken to Whitley County Jail.

1058 records check for employment.

Jan. 4

2400 Lassus detail.

0625 lockout on Weston.

2150 assist Noble County at a truck rollover. Noble County working it.

Jan. 5

0030 Lassus detail.

0322 subject hears someone in the old Lucky Lady. Owners sitting in there talking.

0850 verbal warning for disregarding an automatic signal.

1326 handgun permit.

1400 water main break at Western & Whitley streets.

1430 called state highway to salt reference the main break.

1648 verbal warning for unsafe lane movement near Whitley and Mulberry streets.

2205 dispatched to unlock door for basketball team. My key fob didn’t work.

2235 en route to Whitley County Jail for IDACS recertification.

Jan. 6

1500 a Realtor was in wanting to know if we had any meth cases at a residence on East Street. We had not.

1530 two people in for fingerprinting.

2252 citation for speed and passing in a no passing zone.

2340 verbal warning for speed.

2359 lockout at C&A south.

Jan. 7

0436 assist Allen County at a rollover crash at S.R. 205 and Bryie Road. Allen County worked.

1100 fingerprints.

1900 breaking and entering that just occurred on Bryie Road.

1905 out with Allen County, two subjects fled the scene prior to our arrival.

2301 out with state unit at S.R. 205 and McDuffee Road.

2340 verbal warning for speed.

Jan. 8

0010 Lassus detail.

0332 assisted medics at Blue Ridge.

2224 assist county on Blue Lake Road in reference to suspicious activity. Unable to locate anything.

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